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Eighteen Short Pieces by César Franck: Romantic Teaching Pieces Your Students will LOVE

Pieces from the Romantic period are some of the best-loved in all piano literature. Unfortunately, Romantic repertoire for intermediate to early advanced students is limited. César Franck’s Eighteen Short Pieces is suitable for most intermediate piano pupils. Students can explore different styles and genres along with Franck’s simple, beautiful melodies.

Through the guidelines for early and late intermediate teaching repertoire from the well-recognized pedagogy literature, this poster divides the pieces into these two categories. Each piece has given some major teaching tips for teachers. Students can benefit from learning different interpretations from the varied styles and characteristics in the 18 pieces. Some pieces were selected as pieces in piano examinations for intermediate levels.

Who is Cesar Franck?

And what should we know about his 18 Short Pieces?

In each video, I have given a short reminder of what students should pay attention when they play the piece.

You can download the score here:

No.1 Les plaintes d'une poupee (The Dolly's Complaint)

No. 2 Chant de la creuse

No.3 Poco Lento

No.4 Andantino quasi allegretto

No.5 Chant béarnais

No.6 Prélude pour l' Ave Maris Stella

No. 7 Canon I

No.8 Poco Allegro

No.9 Poco allegretto

No.10 Danse Lente

No.11 Noël Augevin

No.12 Poco maestoso

No.13 Allegretto amabile

No.14 Allegretto moderato

No.15 Lento

No.16 Allegretto

No.17 Canon II

No.18 Poco allegro

I really enjoyed playing all these 18 short pieces. They all have charming melodies and they are very fun to play. Among these 18 pieces, the Dolly's Complaint and Danse Lente are particularly famous and they have been used as required pieces in various examinations, festivals and competitions. I personally enjoy playing the two Poco allegretto (no.8 and no.9), Allegretto (no.16), Canon II (no.17) and the last piece, Poco allegro (no.18).

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